Advisory Boards

Chairman's Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Ian Barlow

Non-Executive Director Urban & Civic PLC, Foxtons Group PLC, and The Brunner Investment Trust PLC

Former Non-executive Director at Smith & Nephew PLC

Former London Senior Partner at KPMG


Dan Bricken

Head of US Cross Border Corporate Finance at Investec

Former Managing Director at East West Global Capital

Co-Founder and Board Director at Kindred


Peter Cohen

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cowen Inc.

Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer at Ramius Capital Management

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Shearson Lehman Brothers


David Restrepo RPH

President at Vitahealth Apothecary

Integrative Pharmacist


John Winter

Chief Executive Officer at MUFG Securities EMEA PLC

Former Chief Executive Officer at Barclays Corporate Bank

Craig Vanderwagen, M.D, Chairman

Former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Retired Admiral from U.S. Public Health Service


Andrea Ballabio, Ph.D.

Professor at TIGEM (Italy) International

Expert on modulation of cell clearance for Neurodegenerative Disorders and Lysosomal Storage Disorders treatment 


Marc Patterson, M.D.

Professor of Neurology and Chair of the Division of Child and Adolescent Neurology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Research and practice focus on children with rare diseases including Niemann-Pick Disease type C (NPC) and GM2 Gangliosidosis (Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff Disease)


Bill Raub, Ph.D.

Former Acting Director of the National Institutes of Health

Former Scientific Advisor to HHS Secretary


Tony Futerman, Ph.D. (pending)

Professor in Dept. Cell Biology at Weizmann Institute

World expert on sphingolipid basic biology and sphingolipid storage diseases: Niemann-Pick Disease type C (NPC and infectious diseases