Prof. Antony Galione FRS FMedSci
University of Oxford
Founding Scientist

Professor Antony Galione FRS FMedSci is a Scientific Founder and Consultant of IntraBio Inc. In 2016, Professor Galione was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society for his groundbreaking work on calcium signalling. Professor Galione is a Statutory Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford, and former department head. Professor Galione has received the Novartis Prize of the British Pharmacological Society for his scientific contributions to pharmacology (2001), and became a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences for his contributions to the advancement of medical science (2010). He has been a Harkness Fellow at Johns Hopkins University studying the role of calcium signals in early development and has been successively a Beit Memorial Fellow, Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow, and Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Basic Biomedical Research. Prior to being elected to a Tutorial Fellowship at New College, Oxford in 1998, Professor Galione held The Hayward Junior Research Fellowship at Oriel College and Staines Medical Fellowship at Exeter College.

Professor Galione received a BA in Natural Sciences (Part 2 Pharmacology) and PhD in Zoology from Trinity College, Cambridge, having worked on the role of calcium oscillations in cell activation in Sir Michael Berridge’s laboratory. Professor Galione has authored over 200 publications, and his work has been pivotal in discovering new calcium signalling pathways and establishing the concept of multiple calcium mobilizing messengers, which linked cell surface stimuli to the release of internal calcium stores, and identified their target channels and organelles. His research has enhanced the understanding of how calcium as a ubiquitous cellular regulator may control a myriad of cellular processes with precision.

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